Stage Tec NEXUS XFIP/RIF67 Receives ‘ST2110 JT-NM Tested’ Label

Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, participated in the JT-NM Tested Program for the second time this year in August. After the first test series in the USA took place in Texas, this time the standardised test procedure took place at the Riedel company headquarters in Wuppertal. Stage Tec participated again with the NEXUS AoIP interfaces XFIP/RIF67 and received the label ‘SMPTE ST 2110 JT-NM Tested’.

NEXUS XFIP/RIF67 was evaluated in two test series. The ST2110-30 test dealt with system requirements and payload formats for uncompressed audio streams. The second test, ST2022-7, assessed uninterrupted takeover between two streams disturbed alternately.

The JT-NM Tested program is a process that documents the extent to which SMPTE ST 2110 is already established. This provides customers with comprehensible criteria for product and system decisions. Stage Tec has always been committed to open standards and supports this commitment with its membership of AIMS, an alliance that promotes standards-based protocols for interoperability over IP.

The results of the JT-NM Tested program were presented in the IP showcase of the IBC, where the catalog, with a detailed description of the test procedure, the results, and the list of participants was also published.