Zylia Launches Shop for ZYLIA ZM-1 360° Recording Solution

Zylia has officially opened an online store to make the company’s ZYLIA ZM-1 third-order Ambisonics microphone readily available across the European marketplace. Located at shop.zylia.co, the new online shop features the ZYLIA STANDARD, and ZYLIA PRO sets, the latest software upgrades for the ZYLIA PRO, ZYLIA Studio PRO, and ZYLIA Ambisonics packages, and custom accessories.

“We’re happy to open our own online store and share the remarkable technology of our ZYLIA ZM-1 with musicians and audio engineers throughout Europe,” said Piotr Szczechowiak, Zylia co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “We are providing discounts for our first online customers, offering our ZYLIA PRO Set – regularly priced at €949 – for just €799. This promotion is limited to early bird buyers, so anyone interested in affordable, state-of-the-art 360° recording should visit soon!”

Designed for musicians, sound engineers, podcasters, and audio creatives working in 3D audio, Ambisonics full-sphere surround sound format, and virtual reality, the ZYLIA ZM-1 is an ultimate solution for high-quality music and spatial resolution ambient recordings and provides unlimited post-processing options acquiring virtual microphones technology. This compact and lightweight spherical microphone comprises 19 high-quality MEMS microphone sensors and offers 360° sound capture (48kHz/24-bit resolution) that can be configured and manipulated using ZYLIA Studio, ZYLIA Studio PRO, and ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter software.

The microphone, together with software, can auto-detect sound sources surrounding it and capture that sound as separate tracks for further editing on a digital audio workstation. The highly portable system requires only a USB connection to a Mac, PC, or a Windows tablet for both data transfer and power supply.

Visit https://www.zylia.co