MIA Laboratories Announce ‘MIA Compressor One’

Designed to act like those favourite and the much esteemed analog compressors of past decades, and heralded in recording studios around the world, MIA Compressor One employs the distinctive sound of MIA Laboratories.

Compressor One is easy and simple to use, yet flexible enough to help you achieve desired results quickly, and speed up your workflow for all your mixing and mastering tasks.


  • Stereo Link Operation – In stereo link mode, the same amount of compression is applied to both L/R channels, based on the sum of the two. With Stereo Link disabled, compression takes place independently for each channel, whilst retaining common controls for both.

  • External Sidechain – Use any other channel of your mix as an input to the side-chain of MIA Compressor One.
  • Sidechain filtering – Use the high pass and low pass filters to restrict the side-chain information to the desired frequency range.
  • Band Compression – Define a certain frequency range to be compressed, while the rest of the signal remains unaffected.
  • Analog Simulation – Five carefully designed simulation algorithms, CLASS A, OPTO, FET and TUBE I and II to simulate the sound of the above legendary types.
  • Input, Output, Gain Reduction Meters – Visualise the compression process with the assistance of the input, output and gain reduction displays in either Peak or RMS mode.
  • 34 MIA Presets – 34 carefully designed MIA Presets, to achieve quick and balanced results, or to act as a perfect kick start towards your desired outcome.

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