BirdDog Releases World’s First NDI Audio Intercom Solution

Australian-based BirdDog has announced the immediate availability of Comms Lite which, according to the company, the World’s First NDI Audio Intercom system, via free download.

BirdDog Comms Lite is an Audio Intercom System that integrates live video camera feeds by harnessing the power of NDI and is free for all BirdDog customers. Comms Lite enhances the already powerful NDI hardware solutions and further reduces the amount of equipment needed for a live production.

“We’re extremely proud to offer Comms Lite at no cost to all our customers,” said Dan Miall, BirdDog Co-Founder and CEO. “It’s another world first for BirdDog and we know our customers are going to love Comms Lite.

“We are on a mission to reduce the amount of equipment you need to purchase in order to produce a high-quality live production and now with Comms Lite our users have Video, Audio, Tally, and Audio Intercom all down a single Ethernet cable,” said Dan Miall. “In addition to Comms Lite being freely available to all our customers, we are also letting them BYO headsets in order to save even more money.”

Comms Lite also integrates a number of features to further streamline audio communications over NDI, including:

  • Live Video: Comms Lite automatically detects all your BirdDog compatible devices and shows live video previews.
  • Push to Talk: BirdDog Comms Lite fully supports Push To Talk (PTT) function with any 4 pole TRRS headset.
  • Touch: In the fast-paced world of live production, every second counts. With Comms Lite, a Windows-enabled touchscreen tablet empowers show directors with complete lines of communication to the camera operators at their finger-tips.