TC Electronic Introduces Clarity M Stereo

Keeping your mix in check is vital for both pro and home studios. Up until now, however, hardware solutions to properly monitor and analyse your phase, balances, frequency distribution, loudness, clipping and mono compatibility, has carried a heavy price tag.

Clarity M Stereo is about to change that!

The new stereo hardware meter is filled to the brim with all the music tools that has made the classic Clarity M a staple within music production, mastering and post.

And priced at US$ 249 (MAP) makes Clarity M Stereo an essential addition to any console, studio or mixing desk.

Key features:

  • Stereo hardware meter
  • Seamless DAW integration
  • Precise real-time analyser
  • Customisable vector scope
  • Loudness Radar for measurements over time
  • Offline plug-in mode
  • Mid/side Balance-O-Meter
  • Correlation meter
  • Support for 96kHz digital stereo input
  • Application specific presets
  • Flexible display layout