Rebirth for Klotz Audio Technology

The Klotz audio brand has been reborn with the assets of Qphonics (formerly Klotz Digital) being purchased by Klotz Communications from the former Qphonics’ insolvency lawyers. 

Klotz Communications was founded in January 2015 by original Klotz Digital founder Thomas Klotz with partner Andre Sauer. The company offers a complete suite of consoles and routers to serve the radio industry, from small stand-alone consoles to large, complex broadcast centres.

According to the pair, buying back the assets of Qphonics “… closes the loop on what Klotz Communications set out to achieve, which is to help existing users of the VADIS platform to extend the product’s lifecycle and the investment they made in Klotz Digital, and at the same time provide a safe upgrade path to the next generation of products and technology.” 

Klotz Communications is now the sole owner of all intellectual property, including hardware and software, and controls all licensing, maintenance and upgrades for the VADIS platform worldwide. The buy-back also gives the company access to a warehouse of spare parts, console surface modules, and critical elements such as PSUs and controller modules for Vadis frames of various generations. 

“Over the last 12 months we have contacted many of the long-term Vadis users and found that most systems are still in use 14-plus years after they were installed, despite the corporate changes at Klotz Digital/Qphonics, and the lack of support that resulted from those changes,” commented Thomas Klotz. “In conversations with end-users we learned that the hardware was rock solid and hadn’t failed on them over all these years. What we also learned was that users were hesitant to change their system as research showed that other systems couldn’t replicate the flexibility and adaptability to a station’s workflow like a VADIS system can, so there was a real pull for Klotz Communications to buy back what was lost under unfortunate circumstances five years ago.”

In addition to the renewed VADIS support, Klotz Communications has also launched the Touchstone controller and the Broadcast Productivity Suite of software applications specifically targeted at the radio market. A new console surface, DC3, is scheduled for release in 2016.

As well as moving to bigger facilities, the company has established regional support offices in China, Singapore, Germany and the USA to be closer to the market and support the existing systems.

Users of the VADIS platform, including DC2, AEON, and XENON consoles, are encouraged to contact Klotz Communications at to discuss immediate service and support requirements.