ARUJI Expands Entire Playout Platform with SoftCast and Ideal Japan

Ideal Systems Japan announced that Aruji, one of Japan’s leading media companies providing services for satellite broadcasting and playout operations, is expanding their entire suite of 32 channels onto the SoftCast automation, Media Asset Management (MAM), and integrated playout platform.

Earlier this year, Aruji deployed 4 channels of the SoftCast broadcast system and have since decided to move all their channels over to the file-based solution with SoftCast SC-MAM at its core. SoftCast SC-MAM manages Aruji’s workflows, including ingest and quality control of various content types, while SoftCast SC-Autoplay, a “Channel-in-a-Box” solution, provides integrated playout for Aruji’s 24/7 operations.

“We were extremely pleased with the initial 4 channels of SoftCast, which Ideal provided to us in June of this year and have continued to be impressed with the dramatic improvement in our workflows, as well as the incredible reliability of the system. Moving our entire playout offering onto SoftCast will enable us to realise significant cost savings while increasing potential revenues by offering a superior service to the market,” said Shin Kudo, Chief Technical Officer at Aruji in Tokyo.

SoftCast is the only fully integrated software platform that offers Channel-in-a-Box playout and automation, News Room Computer System (NRCS), Media Asset Management, and Over-The-Top (OTT) delivery, all from one platform, and all in Japanese.

“We are really excited to partner with Aruji as the key provider of their entire playout platform,” commented Mark Moore, CEO of Ideal Systems Japan. “This signifies great confidence that Aruji has in both SoftCast and Ideal Systems for the delivery and ongoing support of the system.”



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