CNN International The Undisputed News Leader Across APAC

The latest Ipsos Affluent Survey findings show CNN is the undisputed number one international news brand in Asia-Pacific. Regardless of platform (TV, web, mobile), metric (daily, weekly, monthly reach) or major target audience group, no other news brand has a stronger reach than CNN. Some of the survey highlights include:

CNN is the #1 multiplatform news brand
35% monthly reach
35% greater than next news brand

CNN is the #1 TV news network
29% monthly, 20% weekly and 7% daily reach
At least 50% ahead of next news network

CNN is the #1 digital news brand
11% monthly reach
47% more than next brand

CNN is #1 in exclusive reach
More than twice the exclusive reach of any other international news brands.
At least three quarters (74%+) of consumers of competing news brands also consume CNN, while between a half (46%) and three quarters (73%) of CNN consumers do not view/read competitor news brands.

CNN is #1 in a growing genre
Leads the international news genre and growing in both TV and digital audiences
+8% year-on-year in weekly and monthly TV reach
+26% year-on-year in monthly digital reach

As well as being number one in TV and digital, CNN leads all international news/business brands in key target groups in monthly multiplatform reach. Highlights include:

CNN is #1 in business
55% reach of top management, 49% of financial decision makers and 44% of total business decision makers
At least 2.2 times larger audience base than dedicated business news brands

CNN is #1 in opinion leaders
63% reach of those involved in 3 or more business/leadership activities

CNN is #1 in travel
70% reach among frequent international business travellers (6+ trips in past 12 months)
54% for frequent international leisure travellers (3+ trips in past 12 months)

CNN is #1 in net worth
41% reach among individuals with investments valued at US$500K+

CNN is #1 in luxury
42% reach of those owning luxury goods worth US$2K+

CNN is #1 in auto
43% reach among owners of premium brand autos

Vice President of CNN International Advertising Sales for Asia Pacific, Sunita Rajan, said, “The survey results are clear: no matter how the figures are analysed, whether it’s by platform, metric or major target group, no other news brand has a stronger reach than CNN. It proves our strategy to be where our audience wants us, on all platforms all of the time, is working. It’s also encouraging from an industry perspective that the international news genre as a whole is growing. The fact CNN is the clear leader in a growing market is a testament to the hard working team at CNN International.”



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