ASTRA: Job Creation and Deregulation Must be High Priorities

ASTRA has congratulated Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield on his appointment as Minister for Communications and named job creation and deregulation as top priorities for the subscription television sector.

“ASTRA is delighted at the appointment of Senator Fifield as Minister and looks forward to working with him to further deregulate the broadcasting sector to create new jobs for Australians,” Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Maiden, said.

In early September ASTRA revealed new data showing more than 8,300 Australians worked in the subscription television sector, but warned that further job creation could only be assured if the Government worked to reduce regulations that stifle growth in the industry.

“While employment in subscription television has grown in recent years, the industry’s ability to create further jobs hinges on further deregulation of the broadcasting sector,” he said.

“The need to deregulate is becoming urgent with the growth of unregulated offshore television streaming services, which make little investment in local television production and create few if any jobs for Australians.

“ASTRA is confident that the Federal Government and Opposition understand this challenge and will respond with policies that support job creation in the months leading up the next election,” Mr Maiden concluded.

ASTRA also thanked outgoing Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, for closely engaging with the sector.



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