Vietnam Hosts DAB+ Demonstrations

Late July saw a three-day DAB+ Technology Workshop and Transmission Demonstration conducted in Hanoi, Vietnam (26, 27, 29 July). The event was jointly organised by WorldDMB and Voice of Vietnam and was supported by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).
The workshop, organised in the lead up to the Radio Asia conference, 29 – 31 July was attended by more than 90 delegates from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Macau and reflects growing interest in the DAB+ standard in the Asia Pacific.
WorldDMB Asia Pacific Committee Chair, Joan Warner, who spoke at the workshop, said “WorldDMB offers broadcasters information on all aspects of the switch from analogue to digital. These workshops and demonstrations are tried and tested services that WorldDMB has offered to other markets that are also planning their rollout of DAB+. For Vietnam, DAB+ offers the opportunity for key broadcasters like VOV to offer more educational and cultural diversity.”
Showcasing DAB+ equipment and expertise from Australia, Hong Kong and Europe where digital radio is on air, delegates were the first to hear and see VOV radio stations live on air in DAB+.  Delegates gained firsthand knowledge of the transmission equipment and experienced the digital quality audio and new text and slideshow features on a wide range of receivers.  
A live drive test demonstration was conducted in vehicles in Hanoi, showing even a low powered demonstration can reach significant audiences. Advice was provided on network planning, content development and the structural and regulatory considerations which will be needed when Vietnam plans the roll out of permanent high powered digital radio services. Vietnam is well advanced in the digitisation of its broadcast systems and this workshop will advance the planning for digital radio services.
Voice of Vietnam invited WorldDMB to conduct the workshop for senior management and regulatory personnel as well as broadcast engineers following similar events conducted recently in Bangkok and Jakarta. The recommendations from the workshop are:
  • Choose powerful spectrum efficient technology – DAB+
  • Start now
  • Broadcasters keep analogue spectrum
  • Broadcasters own the spectrum licence
  • Broadcasters have first right to own and operate transmission infrastructure
  • National Staged Project  
  • Planning for high power and indoor coverage
  • New content and affordable receivers
  • Marketing Strategy to inform listeners  


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