ABC iView Free on Fetch TV

ABC TV’s popular internet TV channel, ABC iview, is now available as a free inclusion for customers of the Fetch TV IPTV service.
ABC iview has been fully integrated into the Fetch TV main menu, providing users with ready access to the entire suite of iview content on their TV.
“As a public broadcaster our focus is on making ABC content as easily accessible as possible. Fetch TV is another way the ABC is providing TV on the viewer’s terms, at a time and place of their choice. Internet- delivered TV on big screens will continue to grow in popularity as broadband speeds and screen resolutions improve,” said Arul Baskaran, ABC’s Controller of TV Multiplatform.
The ABC is also commisssioning programs exclusively for iview, and adding a suite of new features, to be rolled out in coming months.
“We’re excited to be working in partnership with local production companies to offer original Australian storytelling on iview, as a creative and accessible platform”, added Baskaran.
In April, iview set a new record for total monthly program plays across all platforms and devices of 15.4 million.
“iview has proven to be a phenomenally popular service. We are delighted to offer Fetch TV subscribers the iview experience, on the big screen, in the comfort of their living rooms, ” said Scott Lorson, CEO Fetch TV.


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