Ideal Systems Partners with XenData for Digital Video Archiving

XenData, the provider of digital video archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, and Ideal Systems have announced a partnership to provide cost effective digital video archive solutions to broadcasters in Southeast Asia.
As part of the new partnership, Ideal Systems will be leveraging XenData’s entire range of digital video archives from multi-petabyte server solutions which archive video files to RAID and robotic LTO tape libraries, through to lower cost workstation systems that archive to LTO-5 tape drives.
Providing a network attached storage (NAS) architecture, XenData server solutions present the digital video archive as a network share, enabling archive files to be accessed over networks and seamlessly integrated into other standards-based applications and workflows. Offering broad compatibility, XenData solutions can be used simultaneously by multiple standard applications and work seamlessly with most media asset management (MAM) and automation systems including those from Aveco, Avid, Cinegy, Dalet, EVS, Harmonic, Evertz and more. The standard NAS architecture eliminates the need for extensive customization and minimizes the technical resources for integration.
The following XenData solutions are being offered through Ideal Systems:

  • XenData X1500 – writes files to and restores from an LTO-5 tape drive using Windows Explorer on a Windows 7 workstation, creating self describing LTO cartridges. The X1500 manages an unlimited number of offline LTO tapes, is low cost and extremely easy to use.
  • XenData SX-10 – connects to a 1 GigE network and manages a robotic LTO tape library up to 75 TB or stand-alone LTO-5 tape drives, creating a cost effective digital video archive ideal for video production and post production applications.
  • XenData SX-500 Series Archive Servers – connect to a 10 GigE or 1 GigE network and manage one or more LTO tape libraries and RAID, providing a highly scalable network attached storage device where files are written to LTO tapes and disk. Offered in three standard configurations, the SX-500 runs a Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, combining leading products: HP DL380 G8 server hardware and XenData6 Server software.

In addition, XenData supports all worldwide languages for Windows file names ensuring that no matter where broadcasters are located they are able to save files to LTO in their native language.
“We partnered with XenData because it provides one of the most robust and cost effective digital video archives solutions available on the market today,” said Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems, Singapore. “With XenData, we are now able to deliver a much more cost effective digital video archive solution, which in turn will allow us to broaden our addressable market and tap into the Southeast Asian mid-market broadcaster community, a segment that has traditionally been very sensitive to cost.”
“Our product philosophy at XenData is to make solutions that are easy to use and easily integrate into media workflows, resulting in huge cost savings,” said Dr. Phil Storey, XenData co-founder and CEO. “We’re delighted to work with Ideal Systems and our collaboration will further fuel our growth across Asia.”
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