SMPTE Gears Up for METexpo 21

The planning for METexpo 21 is now gathering speed, with a strong focus on the conference which will be running across all three days of the 18th,19th and 20th August in the Sydney ICC.

According to Australia Section Chair, Paul Whybrow (pictured), “The SMPTE board have a very strong ethos to bring to life the evolving role of the organisation as the home for media professionals, technologists and engineers. With a much broader audience and the media and broadcast industries changing so fast, we are looking forward to a dynamic schedule, with a number of new key note elements including industry leader panels, opportunities for more diverse discussions and a strong focus on the talent and knowledge from our home territories of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

“The call for technical papers will be coming soon, and there will be an opportunity to share the technology, business and creative insights to a set of themes that reflect the emerging post Covid world of media and entertainment.

“The exact themes are not settled yet, however there is strong contention around innovation in IP glass to glass, remote production, the explosion of cloud services, virtualisation, COTs vs dedicated hardware, immersive experience development, display tech, the future of SDI, cinema and radio.

“2021 is starting off with a really positive vibe and with the desire to meet in person, socialise debate and share knowledge amongst fellow professionals there is a growing confidence that METexpo can meet the challenge.”



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