Telstra Supports Melbourne Customers During New COVID-19 Restrictions

Telstra is offering eligible consumer and small business customers in Melbourne metropolitan area and Mitchell shire additional mobile data, unlimited data to consumer and small business home broadband customers in impacted postcodes and unlimited home phone calls to pensioners, from Tuesday 14 July.

According to Michael Ackland, Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business – Telstra, “We’re providing our consumer and small business home broadband customers (ADSL, NBN and Cable) in impacted areas with their postcodes under Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictions with unlimited data at no additional charge on their plan until 31 August 2020.

“The data, which will be provided automatically, will help those working and studying from home or self-isolating to access videoconferencing, voice over Wi-Fi, cloud connectivity, and more.

“Eligible pensioners in these same impacted areas with a Telstra home phone plan will also be able to make unlimited local, national and 13/1300 calls and calls to Australian mobiles from their home phone in Australia, to make staying in touch with friends and family simpler. This will be applied to eligible accounts automatically and will be available until 31 August 2020.”

Telstra is also offering eligible consumer and small business mobile customers in affected areas of Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire lockdown postcodes more mobile data.

Post-paid customers on both mobile phone and mobile broadband plans can receive an extra 25GB of data on their plan to use in Australia within 30 days, and Telstra pre-paid customers who recharge with $40 or more can access an additional 10GB of data for use in Australia within 28-30 days (depending on their plan).

Eligible customers can apply for the extra data via our My Telstra app from Tuesday until 31 August 2020 and the data will be available within 24-48 hours. Users should contact Telstra via the My Telstra app if you’re a Telstra mobile customer living within the Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire lockdown postcodes, and can’t see this offer in your My Telstra app during the offer period.

“We also have offers available to small business customers, including the ability for eligible customers to hibernate their fixed business services,” said Michael Ackland. “In addition, customers are able to access more self-serve billing options through our My Telstra app and new online hub.”



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