Covid-19 Grants for Community Broadcasters

Australia’s Community Broadcasting Foundation has announced grants to help the community broadcast sector manage the impacts of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Crisis grant applications, which are capped at AUD$35,000, will cover a range of organisational costs including equipment, production, transmission, administration, and other operational activities. You will be able to apply for this grant if you are any of the following: 

  • community radio station
  • community television station
  • Remote Indigenous Media Organisation
  • Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service.

The CBF says it has ensured the application process for a COVID-19 Crisis Fund grant is streamlined to avoid placing unnecessary additional burdens on applicants. Those applying will be asked to answer a short set of questions about annual income and expenditure for the last financial year, cash balance and surplus/deficit.  

The Foundation also says the assessment process for COVID-19 Crisis Fund grants won’t be competitive and expects funding will be made available to most applicants with notifications sent out mid-July.



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