VES Awards Nomination for LEGO Movie 2

Animal Logic has announced that The LEGO Movie 2 has been nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature in the Visual Effects Society Awards.

The award considers all animation techniques to be a part of visual effects, and honours the overall technical achievement of the animation within an entire Animated Feature. It recognises the craftsmanship of the animation which best conveys the entirety of the setting, mood, and action, thereby defining the film’s overall visual and emotive effectiveness.

Over 530 crew from Animal Logic brought with them “a wealth of LEGO experience, an impressive set of tech and tools, and a childlike curiosity to create the most colourful, sing-along LEGO movie ever!

“Congratulations and good luck to the entire LEGO 2 team, in particular the Award nominees David Burgess, Tim Smith, Mark Theriault and John Rix.”



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