Mediacorp to Reconfigure Audio for Digital TV

Singapore’s Mediacorp will be upgrading its Digital TV (DTV) broadcasting system on 3 December 2019 from 2.30am to 5.00am. The upgrade is designed to reconfigure “stereo sound” as the default audio to provide better, more consistent audio quality on Mediacorp’s free-to-air channels.


Audiences who use stereo-only TVs will be able to receive more consistency in terms of audio quality and volume level for free-to-air channels. Audiences with 5.1 home theatre systems can simply select the third audio channel by pressing the audio, options or tools button on their set-top box remote control to continue enjoying a 5.1 multi-channel audio experience.

The upgrade will take place during off-peak hours from 2.30am to 5.00am on 3 December, with only a short 1-2 second disruption after the upgrade has been completed. Those who experience a blank screen after the upgrading can resolve this by switching to another channel before switching back to the channel they were watching.



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