Participate in Technical Liaison Group for 26 and 28GHz Bands

The ACMA is establishing a Technical Liaison Group (TLG) to create spectrum licence and apparatus licence technical frameworks for the 26 GHz (24.7-27.5GHz) and 28GHz (27.5-29.5GHz) bands, and invites interested parties to participate.

On 18 October 2019, the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts made a reallocation declaration in the 26GHz band. The ACMA has also decided to develop apparatus licensing arrangements for wireless broadband services in the 26GHz band (limited to frequencies and areas not subject to the reallocation declaration) and in the 28GHz band.

What is a TLG?

A TLG is a short-term advisory body, convened by the ACMA as a forum for consultation between the ACMA, industry and other stakeholders with an interest in developing or revising licence technical frameworks, typically for spectrum licences.

The task of a TLG is traditionally to consider and provide advice to the ACMA on the technical and regulatory aspects required for the development or review of a spectrum licence technical framework. Additionally, this TLG will also deal with the technical aspects of apparatus licensing in the 26 and 28GHz bands.

Once the TLG has completed its work, the ACMA will publicly consult on any new or updated legislative instruments or RALIs associated with the technical frameworks for the 26GHz and 28GHz bands.

In order to manage the size of the TLG, we ask that organisations limit membership, as far as practical, to relevant persons who will contribute to the process.

Nominate for membership

For information on how to nominate for membership of the TLG, please contact Daniel Gocentas on (03) 9963 6739.



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