Suspect Phone Calls Purporting to be Made by OFCA

The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) recently reminded members of the public to stay alert to suspected fraudulent calls purporting to be made by OFCA.

A spokesman for OFCA said, “OFCA received reports from members of the public today on their receipt of suspected fraudulent calls purporting to be made by OFCA. According to information provided by the members of the public who received the calls, the calling number display of the suspected fraudulent calls showed OFCA’s hotline number 2961 6333 with a ‘+’ sign as a prefix. Most of the callers spoke Putonghua and were able to tell the called parties’ personal information, such as their full Chinese name. Some callers also alleged that the called parties’ telephone numbers had been used in illegal activities or sending of mass text messages.

“We wish to stress that OFCA has never made and will not make such phone calls. In addition, members of the public should beware of calling numbers with a ‘+’ sign as a prefix displayed on mobile phones, which indicates that the calls originate from outside Hong Kong even though the calling numbers may be masqueraded as Hong Kong phone numbers,” the spokesman said.

“We urge members of the public to stay alert and report any suspected fraudulent calls to the Police, irrespective of whether a ‘+’ sign is displayed as a prefix to the calling numbers. Under no circumstances should they disclose their personal information over the phone,” the spokesman added.



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