iflix Advertising Moves to Google’s Open Bidding Solution

iflix Advertising, the brand solutions business of streaming service iflix, has announced a transformational advancement in its programmatic trading with a move to Google’s Open Bidding solution – a first for an OTT platform across Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines..

According to the company, the new partnership raises the bar on digital advertising across Southeast Asia as it enables equal opportunity for all programmatic partners to compete in real-time for iflix inventory alongside Google Ad Manager and direct campaigns, while still delivering guaranteed deals.

iflix’s integration with Google’s Open Bidding moves away from traditional waterfall and client-side header bidding, eliminating inefficiencies such as line item complexity and latency, to offer an optimal experience to viewers and brands, on both premium video and in-stream displays.

Charles Less, iflix Head of Sales, said, ‘It is integral to our growing advertising business that we offer advertisers best-in-class programmatic trading solutions. As the first OTT platform across Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to adopt Google’s Open Bidding solution, iflix is ensuring effective and efficient trading against the largest volume of premium brand-safe videos to benefit all advertisers.”

Visit https://advertising.iflix.com 


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