i-CABLE Launches Hong Kong’s First 24-hour Live News OTT App

For over two decades, i-CABLE News has been upholding professionalism and objectivity in news reporting, earning widespread recognition and appreciation with numerous awards. Back then, i-CABLE Group introduced the first 24-hour Cantonese news channel in Asia, today we bring to our users Hong Kong¡¦s first 24-hour HDR live news OTT (over-the-top) App, i-CABLE News OTT App trial version, which is now available in Apple App Store and Google Play. Hong Kong viewers can obtain first-hand news at the frontlines with the best quality at all times.

Mr William Fung Tak-hung, Executive Director of i-CABLE News Limited, said, “with the rapid development of information technology in recent years, different kinds of information seem to be easily accessible. Yet Hong Kong citizens have always pursued objective, reliable, accurate and credible news. i-CABLE News always adheres to the professionalism of news reporting, and orchestrated the introduction of Hong Kong’s first 24-hour HDR live news OTT App. To tie in with the Group’s strategy of developing cross media platform services, we deliver authentic and first-hand news reports to the public from television and MTRC In-train TV platform to the new media.”

Major features of i-CABLE News OTT App trial version:

  • Hong Kong’s first 24-hour HDR live news OTT App enables users to enjoy even better watching experience with clear and colour-vibrant HD resolution.

  • i-CABLE News OTT App trial version supports both iOS and Android devices. Users can enjoy HDR live stream broadcast of CABLE News and CABLE Financial News plus the on-demand content by simple registration.
  • Registered users can enjoy the on-demand function delivering numerous award-winning programmes such as Cable News Features, China Reports and News Lancet etc. Users can watch all content anytime anywhere.
  • The feature of hashtag enables users to browse and track relevant news topics and information.
  • Users can share the quality information provided by i-CABLE News with friends on social media through the sharing function.
  • ‘CABLE Reporter’ function is specially designed to enable users to make instant reports to i-CABLE News, and report to police directly in case of emergency to fulfil civic duties.

With simple downloads and registrations, users of i-CABLE News OTT App trial version can instantly enjoy all content for free with news, finance and sports information of Hong Kong, the Mainland and other countries until 31 December 2019. i-CABLE News OTT App will be officially launched in early 2020, and soon be available on Smart TV platform. Users will be able to watch CABLE News on cross platforms with mobile devices and Smart TV.

Visit http://www.i-cablecomm.com


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