5G, 8K, VR on Show at 2019 BRICS Future Networks Innovation Forum

Shenzhen Pisoft Technology Corp. Ltd. used the recent 2019 BRICS Future Networks Innovation Forum in Shenzen, China, to showcase various 5G+8K+VR Applications with some of the world’s telecom giants. 

The China branch of BRICS Institute of Future Networks was established on the 2019 BRICS Future Networks forum in Shenzhen, China on Aug. 6, to “deepen ICT cooperation amongst BRICS members and boost their digital economy”. 

National ICT bureau officials from China, Russia, India, South Africa, Philippines, Egypt and many more attended the event, together with officials from global ICT organizations like ITU and GSMA. During the same period, key 5G players in China like telecom operators, Huawei, ZTE, and Shenzhen Pisoft Technology, hosted a 5G Experience Week at the largest underground high-speed railway station in Asia – Futian Station – to demonstrate 5G application solutions. 

Pilot Era, a panoramic camera supporting standalone live streaming, was adopted as the official camera for recording and streaming the event ‘360degrees’. Pisoft Technology also worked with others to showcase various 5G+VR applications in multiple scenarios. 

As one of the world’s largest panoramic algorithm providers and the only industry partner with CEVA, world’s largest DSP IP Supplier, Pisoft Technology has worked with telecom giants and other organisations on extensive projects, such as World Convention of Small and Medium Enterprises, WBO Championship, CCTV National Football League, the first 5G smart community in Shenzhen, VR distance education program, and the first 5G+ WIT120 program in China, etc..

Adler Shen, CEO of Pisoft Technology, said, “We feel happy and excited to work together with major telecom operators to support the event live broadcasting, and a showcase of 5G applications for guests from BRICS. In future we would be glad to explore with more companies and governments world-widely, to help transform and upgrade businesses and communities with 5G and VR.”

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