Post-implementation Review of NBN Consumer Experience Rules

The ACMA invites proposals from stakeholders for fine-tuning the rules governing NBN migration. These rules, established in mid-2018, were intended to address known ‘pain points’ for consumers.

  • The ACMA is already aware of some minor issues the review will consider. These include fine-tuning:
  • The best way to resolve issues when a customer cannot access the speed specified in the retail plan they have purchased.
  • The requirements for wholesale and retail service providers to work together to quickly resolve complaints.

The rules that the ACMA is consulting on are about ensuring:

  • Consumers have the information they need to choose a service on the NBN that will suit their needs.
  • New NBN services are tested to check that they are working.
  • That if there is a problem with getting a new NBN service working, consumers will not be left without a working service.
  • That where problems arise, complaints by consumers to telcos are properly managed and resolved.

To download the consultation paper and provide feedback on the rules, please visit the ACMA website.



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