Korean Cannes Winner Draws on FilmLight for Distinctive Look

Kevin Kang, colourist on Parasite_small

The feature film, Parasite, from Korean director Bong Joon Ho, which took the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival enlisted FilmLight colour science technology for its distinctive looks.

Parasite is a dark comedy of social manners and tensions.

“There are three major looks for this movie,” said colourist Kevin Kang (pictured above), who finished the film at Dexter Studios in Seoul. ”To differentiate the mood, the lower class family has a dark and damp look whereas the upper class family is warmer and brighter. The ‘mysterious space’ is very dark with mixtures of punchy, very contrasted colours.”

The whole DI took more than two months: Kang spent approximately the first month grading, and the last weeks finessing VFX shots alongside director Bong.

“I often used the new Colour Temperature operator in Baselight for my primary grading,” he explained. “It allowed me to quickly balance shots prior to adding a look to the sequence. The advantage is that it works by adjusting metadata from the raw file, and so it still retains all the pixel fidelity.”

Kevin Kang and Bong Joon Ho, together with acclaimed DoP Kyung Pyo Hong, previously collaborated on the feature Snowpiercer.

“I have always enjoyed working with Bong: he is one of the best collaborative directors I have ever worked with,” according to Kang. “He is known for being meticulous, is well-prepared and knows exactly what he wants. He acts as a captain, a conductor.”

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