Sony Unveils a New Landmark in 8K Broadcasting

Appearing for the first time at BroadcastAsia is Sony’s 8K UHC-8300 camera system on booth #4N4-01, Level 4 Suntec Singapore.

8K acquisition at prestigious events and selected cinematic instances can be extremely useful in the context of oversampling. Generating 8K, 4K and HD signals simultaneously and apply different colour spaces and OETF to each signal, Sony’s UHC-8300 camera system equips broadcasters the ability to capture and deliver content with the resolution and range that is right for each production.

Designed to cover all the features necessary for premium productions including live broadcasts, entertainment and factual high-end documentaries, the camera captures pristine 8K images (7680×4320) at 120P. Delivering well balanced high-resolution footage with an impressive deep depth of field, the camera can support BT.2020 wide colour space, allowing content creators to realise 8K images with unprecedented clarity, colour and realism. 



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