Applications for Renewal of Other Licensable TV Programme Service Licences

The Communications Authority (“CA”) has received the applications from Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited (“HKITP”) and Golden News Enterprises Limited (“GNE”), companies duly incorporated in Hong Kong, for renewal of their respective “other licensable television programme service licences” to provide television programme service in hotel rooms in Hong Kong via in-house telecommunications networks. The current licences of HKITP and GNE will expire on 7 July and 14 November 2020 respectively. Details of the applications are set out below:

Members of the public may provide comments on the applications to the CA from 15 to 28 May 2019 by mail, fax or email as follows:


The Communications Authority
c/o Office of the Communications Authority
20/F, Wu Chung House
213 Queen’s Road East
Hong Kong

Fax Number: (852) 2507 2219

(852) 2598 5509 (Confidential)


All comments received will not be treated as being made in confidence unless specified otherwise. We may reproduce and publish the submissions received in whole or in part (except confidential information as marked) in any form without seeking the permission of or providing acknowledgement to the party making the submission.



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