AR Extravaganza by WASP3D at AIC 2018 Grand Finals

Online gaming has exploded and given rise to eSports. Teams of gamers compete against each other in leagues and tournaments that are broadcast online to audiences of thousands. Studios around the world bring gamer, analysts and fans together to enjoy the frenzy of such competitions.

Make your eSports production ready to accept the competitive gaming challenge!

Visually Intriguing and Engaging AR Experience with WASP3D.

  • Create complex graphical elements quickly and easily with unprecedented realism.
  • Leverage the power of the WASP3D render engine to give virtual characters ‘life’ with Skeletal Animation.
  • Create a better sense of depth and spatial positioning in scenes by allowing realistic shadows, live reflections, cast shadows and collision detection or add textures to enhance presentations with particle system.
  • Make the virtual world real with superlative augmented graphics.
  • Grow your gaming community and reach | Increase fan engagement | Engage audiences LIVE during the game on polls with Social Media Aggregator Service.

Take complete control over your eSports content. Enhance presentation styles, create a memorable experience for your audience with WASP3D.



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