Japan Rock Band CHAI Partners with PicsArt

PicsArt has announced that it has partnered with Japanese rock band CHAI to launch a fan art challenge that asks fans to redefine the traditional concept of ‘Kawaii’ (‘cute’ in Japanese). CHAI is the latest band to join other marquee music artists – including Gwen Stefani, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Maroon 5, DJ Snake and more – who recognise PicsArt as a massive mobile platform to reach millions of millennial and Gen-Z creators.

CHAI, a rock band that originated in Tokyo, is launching a PicsArt edit challenge encouraging fans to “remix” their album images to redefine the concept of Kawaii. CHAI defines themselves and their music as “Neo-Kawaii” (meaning “new-cute” in Japanese) and are aiming to break free from the conventional Japanese beauty standards of ‘long legs, pale skin, and big eyes.’ To promote this movement, CHAI will run an image challenge on PicsArt using creative, original, ‘Neo-Kawaii’ edits, including use of PicsArt’s stickers, image assets, photo-enhancing brushes, edit tools, and more.

“Today’s social media landscape offers artists unprecedented ways to communicate directly with fans; artists now want to go even further by enabling fans to join the process of creative self-expression,” said Tammy H. Nam, COO of PicsArt. “CHAI acknowledges PicsArt as a true ‘fandom app,’ helping its global audience of young, socially savvy users create, share, and spread content that expresses their love for specific artists or bands. Fans can be fully creative, collaborate with a like-minded community, and engage directly with the artist, all in one place.”

The CHAI fan art challenge ends on February 18th. Since late 2017, PicsArt has hosted dozens of fan art challenges for musicians and brands, including MTV, Swarovski, Capital Cities, Lindsey Stirling and more, which have generated hundreds of thousands of fan art submissions from the PicsArt community and hundreds of millions of social impressions on and off PicsArt.

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