KT Corp Unveils New 5G Services in South Korea

With a full launch of its 5G network scheduled for March, South Korean telco KT has been touting its new service offerings at the recent Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland.

“South Korea is leading the new 5G world,” said KT Chairman Hwang Chang-Gyu. “The new 5G network’s ultra-connectivity and ultra-low latency will greatly contribute to human welfare not only in Korea, but also around the world.”

KT recently unveiled a world-first 5G bus in downtown Seoul during a promotional event. In the 5G-connected limousine bus, passengers experienced various Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) services available from the company’s GiGA Live TV.

GiGA Live TV is a wireless network-based, next-generation service that does not require separate terminals such as a smartphone. Bus passengers could experience high-quality immersive media services from GiGA Live TV, which are available through a 5G mobile hotspot (MHS) catching signals from nearby base stations.

On January 27, KT successfully live-broadcasted K-pop group Wanna One’s last concert, attended by more than 25,000 fans, on its HD IPTV service, Olleh TV. The broadcast was delivered through set-top boxes and mobile devices, using the 5G network.

KT successfully demonstrated the world’s first 5G trial services during the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in February 2018. The company, in December last year, held a historic ceremony to commemorate the start of its commercial 5G network. The full-scale, official launch is coming in March.

KT deployed the first phase of its 5G network in November last year. The new service has begun in the greater Seoul metropolitan area, in the country’s most populated, major metropolitan cities outside Seoul and in isolated areas including Jeju, Ulleung and Dok islands.

The company plans to expand its nationwide 5G network to 24 major cities, key transport routes such as expressways, subways, high-speed railways, large universities and neighborhood shopping areas. 

KT will focus on the development of five key areas: smart cities, smart factories, connected cars, 5G media and the 5G cloud. To provide innovative services for its mobile users, the company is working with partners in Korea and around the world, such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Mobis, Posco, Intel, Ericsson, Nvidia and Qualcomm.


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