Etere Powers Workflow for Vietnam’s Dong Nai Radio & TV

Solutions from MAM and playout developer Etere have been to manage the end-to-end broadcast workflow of Dong Nai Radio and Television (DNRTV) in Dong Nai province, Vietnam. Etere MERP (Media Enterprose Resources Planning) solutions provide the media company with a tightly integrated end-to-end solution that is highly reliable and completely scalable. Etere worked closely with its distributor, Universal Broadcast Pte Ltd for the project. 

Dong Nai Radio and Television (DNRTV) Station was established in November 1976 as a media company under Dong Nai People’s Committee. It served as a communication channel for the Communist Party of Vietnam and as a citizen forum for the people of the Dong Nai province. DNRTV manages four television channels including DNN1, DN2, D3 and DN9 as well as one radio channel, FM 97. In 2017, it introduced HD broadcasting to its channels. 

The Etere solutions employed by DNRTV include:

  • Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) which managed the end-to-end process of ingest, index, storage and retrieval of digital assets and metadata.
  • Etere QC – software which automatically detects and marks audio and video issues including freeze frames, black frames, scene changes and audio loss on all assets’ EDL, both prior or after media operations. Users are also able to customize detection profiles and results are stored in the database using standard format. 
  • Etere NLE integration for Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) which enables a tight integration with Non-linear Editing systems (NLEs) including Adobe Premiere Pro. It provides editors with a secured web portal for the management of media content across all major browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. With this tool, video editors, producers, directors and journalists are able to manage all tasks from a single integrated interface without switching screens. 
  • Etere Executive Scheduling, a complete broadcast scheduling system that provides all the tools for the management of primary and secondary events, licensed content, commercial contracts, missing materials, imported materials and regional ad insertions. 
  • Etere Workflow which allows operators to create and modify broadcasting procedures, operations insertions and operations sequences. Other features of this module include visual representation of every step in the workflow, execution of multiple independent actions and preparation of content for multiple screen deliveries.
  • Etereweb, a software solution which allows users to work remotely It serves as a digital platform which connects customers, distributors and product managers for a more efficient and collaborative workflow. 
  • Etere Resource Management which enables the optimisation of all resources in the broadcasting lifecycle from production to post-production. Combined with real-time monitoring and assignment of resources, Etere Resource Management allows operators to track and optimise resources effectively in a coordinated and integrative manner. 
  • Etere Tape Loan Management
  • Etere Ingest
  • Etere SNMP console
  • Etere HSM Tape Library


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