IKINEMA Returns to G-Star Global Game Exhibition in Korea

IKINEMA has announced its attendance for the third year at G-Star 2018, Korea’s Global Game Exhibition, Busan in November. IKINEMA invites game developers to visit their booth for live demonstrations and one-to-one meetings.

On show is IKINEMA RunTime, the number one animation middleware integrated by top game studios to achieve high fidelity organic character motion, empower teams with intelligent workflows, plus accelerate development time to deliver higher game engagement demanded by modern players today. Distinguished clients include Avalanche Studios, Insomniac Games, NCSoft Corporation, NetEase Network, Softstart Entertainment Inc., Tango Studios, and 343 Industries. The company was recently shortlisted for the prestigious annual TIGA Games Industry Awards 2018 for the category of Best Engines, Tools and Technologies.

During the G-Star exhibition, game studios and publishers will have access to live RunTime demonstrations, including essential workshops to unveil latest updates, techniques and tool enhancements to ensure optimised integration and performance. RunTime supports all game engines including Unreal Engine, Unity3D, and custom engines.

Visit https://ikinema.com


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