FOX Networks Group Asia Brings Teresa Teng’s Songs to New Miniseries

OX Networks Group Asia has announced the production of Memory Eclipse – a new anthology miniseries themed around the music of legendary Chinese pop singer Teresa Teng. The series is set to be launched in 2019.

Memory Eclipse brings together the creative production strength of FOX Networks Group Asia, Infernal Affairs Trilogy producer John Chong and an award-winning cast, the local expertise of Taiwanese film production company Winday Culture, and the music of Teresa Teng, one of the most famous singers emerged from the Chinese-speaking world. Themed around the past, present and future, the five-episode series explores the golden era of Teng’s music in stories of coming together, moving apart, and being true to oneself.

Memory Eclipse, the first premium anthology series themed around Chinese-language pop music, features a different cast of characters and storyline inspired by a Teresa Teng song in each episode.

Shot between Thailand and Taiwan, Memory Eclipse is produced by FOX Networks Group Asia in collaboration with Winday Culture. The production team includes Cora Yim, SVP and Head of Chinese Entertainment at FOX Networks Group Asia, responsible for original Chinese production including The Trading Floor and Stained; and John Chong, Producer and President of the Hong Kong Screenwriter’s Guild, who has produced over 100 feature films including Internal Affairs trilogy.

The series is directed by Charles Sun, founder of Winday Culture and known for his work as writer and director on Bad Boy Symphony and as producer of Gatao and The Spin Kid. He also participated in the inaugural Fox Creative Lab Taiwan earlier this year. Key cast members include Kaiser Chuang (Winner, Best Supporting Actor, Taipei Film Festival for Maverick), Esther Liu (Thirty Something, Falling), J.C. Lin (The Day to Choose, The Scoundrels), Nikki Hsieh (Honey PuPu, The Scoundrels), Alan Kuo (The Rooftop), and Teresa Daley (Transformers: Age of Extinction). More cast members are expected to be announced later.

Cora Yim, Senior Vice President and Head of Chinese Entertainment at FOX Networks Group Asia, said, “With Mandarin-language content experiencing an unprecedented boom, now is the time to be ambitious and bold in our Chinese entertainment strategy. Programming like Memory Eclipse, a first-of-its-kind anthology series themed around the music of the legendary Teresa Teng, is a fantastic example of FOX Networks Group Asia’s ongoing promise to produce and acquire original content capable of moving hearts and re-defining pop culture in Asia.”

John Chong, Producer and President of the Hong Kong Screenwriter’s Guild, said, “The power and the possibility of television entertainment is truly limitless. Memory Eclipse is a fantastic example of how original formats such as the limited-run anthology series enable producers to flex their creative muscles like never before. The series is a bold re-imagining of the themes behind Teresa Teng’s music, so that fans can experience the heart, soul and spirit of her beloved songs in a completely new way.”

Charles Sun, founder of Winday Culture, said, “From joining the first ever Fox Creative Lab Taiwan to kick-starting the new miniseries Memory Eclipse, it’s been quite a year! I’m thrilled to once again work closely with the FOX Networks Group team as we give life to compelling, imaginative, original entertainment from some of the brightest talent in Asia. Having the chance to work with the legendary music of Teresa Teng alongside modern legends such as John Chong and our sensational case is truly an honour.”

Memory Eclipse is set to be released in 2019.



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