Australia’s Network TEN commissions Lineup Industries’ Taboo

Independent international distribution company, Lineup Industries, and Sydney based Lune Media has secured a commission from Australian commercial broadcaster Network TEN for Panenka’s human interest format, Taboo. Lune Media will produce the new local version that is set to debut in 2019.

The commission follows an impactful local pilot fronted by comedian Harley Breen which aired as part of Network TEN’s Pilot Week, generating significant social media buzz and proving to be by far the most successful of all the pilots with #TabooAU trending #2 in Australia. The Taboo pilot also received standout reviews for the ‘beautiful’ and uplifting way it tackled its subject matter.

In each episode of Taboo a famous comedian tests the boundaries of comedy and good taste. They perform a unique routine which in each show challenges a subject judged too taboo to laugh at. The difference is that in this show they will have sourced the material directly from those affected, be it blindness, obesity or other physical disabilities and what’s more they will be at the show.

Each performance will be researched over a period of a week, the comedian will live with four people, all of whom suffer from a similar disability. The comedian will have their own prejudices, they will be challenged or maybe even reinforced. This isn’t the usual preparation for a comedy routine, but it will be rewarding on a number of levels. Using the experience as a source of material and after months of preparation the comedian will host a live show recorded for TV. The routine will centre on the what he’s observed, close to the bone and at times a little cringeworthy but always with a warm heart.

Originally created for Belgian public broadcaster VRT, Taboo was Belgium’s highest ever rating premiere for an entertainment programme and attracted 1.6 million viewers, with an unprecedented 61.4 percent market share (excluding catch-up) when it launched in January. Rights to the series have been picked up in over 15 territories including by Wall to Wall in the UK, Kinetic in the US, Warner in Sweden, Gil Productions in Israel, Floresta (Sony Pictures) in Brasil and El Terrat in Spain

Julian Curtis, co-founder of Lineup Industries said, “This is a unique format that holds a mirror to society and provides a compelling insight into life with disabilities, in a sensitive yet humorous way. The Australian pilot had an incredible response and we’re delighted that Network Ten has committed to more Taboo. With further commissions in the pipeline, we look forward to introducing new audiences to this thought-provoking and highly original concept which inspires both laughter and tears.”



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