Village Roadshow and Braintree to Modernise Australian Payments

Braintree Australia has announced a partnership with Village Roadshow Limited – one of Australia’s largest media and entertainment companies – to power its payments infrastructure across its theme parks and cinemas.

Braintree has been selected to consolidate the entertainment giant’s segmented payment infrastructure, including the quick deployment of popular payment methods such as digital wallets, with roll out to commence in the next six months.

Demonstrating its commitment to meeting the digital demands of mobile-first customers, Village Cinema will relaunch its website by the end of October with a new path to purchase to drive greater conversions, improve cross sell and ensure payment security for its customers.  Village Roadshow also have plans to launch a new mobile app within the next 12 months. Both the mobile app and new website will be powered by Braintree.

With customers becoming increasingly wary of how their personal data is being shared, stored and used, Village Roadshow will also leverage Braintree’s secure tokenisation technology and partnership with Kount for proactive fraud prevention and detection.

According to Geoff Spicer, Group General Manager of Technology and Services at Village Roadshow, partnering with Braintree enables the company to keep pace with the wave of new payment options now available at a customer’s fingertips, and convert at the critical point of transaction.

“Since our early days as one of Australia’s first drive-in cinemas in 1954, Village Roadshow has always embraced the role technology plays in helping us meet and exceed the constantly changing expectations of our customers. In fact, we pioneered multiplex cinemas and introduced the concept of Gold Class to the world,” said Spicer.

“We realise these innovations fall short if customers aren’t offered equally positive experiences at the gate and at checkout. One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced at Village Roadshow has been the legacy and siloed payments systems that have slowed down our cinemas and theme parks. We’ve seen how Braintree has worked with its merchants to make payments more than just a transaction, and we’re excited to be working with Braintree and its partner network worldwide.”

As Village Roadshow’s payments partner in Australia, Braintree will help to:

  • Manage surges in payment volume, particularly during short-term marketing campaigns that see significant spikes in transactions.
  • Provide customers with flexibility at checkout by integrating the world’s most popular payment methods.
  • Build personalised experiences, up-sell and cross-sell by tokenising customer data that enables Village Roadshow to share and build customer personas across its cinema and theme park businesses.
  • Maintain customer trust by leveraging Braintree’s tokenisation and fraud management capabilities through Kount.

Carolyn Breeze, Head of Australia at Braintree, said, “The media and entertainment industry is going through a huge shift with market consolidation and the rise of streaming services. Many are beginning to see the role payments play beyond pure transactions, and in helping businesses understand purchasing behaviours, customer preferences, and maintain the trust of customers in data privacy terms. Village Roadshow has long been industry pioneers, and we’re proud to be named their payments partner in Australia.”

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