NOVA Releases Podcasting Intelligence Report

NOVA Entertainment in partnership with Acast, has commissioned the Podcasting Intelligence Report, designed to provide a deeper understanding for advertisers around the potency of podcasting for brands.

Over 1300 Australians were surveyed, representing the general population of listeners across the audio landscape, including a mix of regular, light, lapsed, non and future podcast consumers. 

The study has uncovered local Australian data on the fast-growing medium, identifying the value of the Australian podcast audience, their motivations for listening and how advertisers can drive brand discovery and create new audience connections. 

The findings included:

  • Listeners are affluent and strong influencers, which makes them highly desirable to brands.
  • The content they listen to evolves over time. Moving from personal entertainment to personal development as they become more familiar with the medium. This provides brands with more efficient targeting options whilst minimising wastage.
  • There is no ‘one’ podcasting occasion, however the common-thread across listening occasions is that they are undertaken mainly alone, making them more intimate, unique and exclusive for brands.
  • This means consumer action is more likely to result from a podcasting ad exposure, than any other medium.

“Our partnership with Acast is a good demonstration of NOVA Entertainment’s multi-platform strategy, leveraging our skill in audio production beyond broadcast radio to new platforms and audiences.” said Cathy O’Connor, CEO, NOVA Entertainment

Access the report here


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