Horsham and Hamilton Radio Ratings Released

The official radio ratings for Horsham and Hamilton in Victoria have been released for the first time since 2014 and reveal which are the most listened to stations in the community.

In Horsham, the commercial radio stations 3WM and MIXX FM Horsham serve a population of more than 57,000 people aged 10+. Horsham is 300km northwest of Melbourne and is a major wheat and beef producer.

The Horsham stations recently had success in the Australian Commercial Radio Awards with Emma Elsom nominated for Best News Presenter in the country category.

Hamilton is the centre of Victoria’s wool-growing western district, with radio stations 3HA and MIXX FM Hamilton providing local news and entertainment to 45,900 people aged 10 and up.

MIXX FM Hamilton’s breakfast show with Matt Lipiarski and Courtney McIntyre is in the running for Best On-Air Team in the country category of the awards, which will be held in Melbourne on 20 October.

Joan Warner, Chief Executive Officer of industry body Commercial Radio Australia, said, “The stations in Horsham and Hamilton provide an excellent service to their regional communities, so it’s good to see their efforts being recognised.”

The radio surveys were both conducted from the 13th of August to the 1st of September by research company Xtra Insights, with 600 participants each.

The results are published on the Radio Alive website.

Radio surveys have been conducted in 45 different regions of Australia since 2014 as part of a move to raise the profile of regional radio and measure its audience reach. Data from all the regional surveys is available to media agencies online through the Frequency Regional Radio ratings analyser tool.

Visit http://www.radioalive.com.au


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