L’espace Vision Uses 71 HyperDeck Studio Pros

Blackmagic Design has announced that L’espace Vision used HyperDeck Studio Pro and Smart Videohub routers for recording a recent concert by the famous Japanese music group, NEWS. The concert, held at the Saitama Super Arena, was captured using Blackmagic Design’s recording and routing products.

L’espace Vision is a post production company specialising in films, TV commercials and music videos. In recent years they have grown to also provide wider services, including film productions and recording projects.

L’espace Vision was in charge of recording the concert by NEWS. Various camera feeds from around the venue went to a van equipped with the HyperDeck Studio Pros, where the feeds were recorded and monitored. There were 39 recording cameras and 11 live cameras. 51 lines and recording lines were sent to a VTR cart via a relay cart.

In the remote van, 71 HyperDeck Studio Pros were installed 10 units to a rack, along with one unit of Smart Videohub 16×16 per rack. In each of the racks, five HyperDeck Studio Pros recorded signals from cameras, with the other five units served as backup recorders. The outputs from Smart Videohub 16×16 routers were sent to a Smart Videohub 40×40, which routed signals to multi view devices and main monitors.

“We used to take part in these concert projects as a post production company, but the material coming from these concerts were generally in poor quality, unsuitable for colour correction. You can generate video noise by the smallest amount of colour grading and you would need to use noise reduction, slowing down the process as a result. We looked for ways to record higher quality clips and found that HyperDeck Studio Pro can record clips with great picture quality,” said Ryuji Komoda, Technical Manager at L’espace Vision.

“It is essential to have a recorder with analog audio inputs and a timecode input for concert programs, because video, audio and timecode more often than not come to the system separately, instead of normal embedded SDI. That is why HyperDeck Studio Pro was the only choice for us,” he said.

“The other advantage of HyperDeck is that you can use third party SSDs that you can buy easily. There are recorders that require designated media, but it would lead to higher cost, particularly when you set up a live recording system with dozens of recorders. SSDs are affordable and you can buy them at retail stores and even when some models go out of stock you can replace them with other recommended models. I feel that HyperDeck Studio Pro is suitable for recording and playback at live events like this. Blackmagic products, not just HyperDeck, are not only high quality but also affordable, so much so that you can purchase and install as many units as you want without worrying much about the cost,” Komoda concluded.

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