Cyber Security Firm Launches Service for Australia and Asia Pacific

Foregenix is launching its Digital Forensics and Incident Response services in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

The managed service combines hands-on support from Foregenix’s Threat Intelligence Team and Serengeti, the consultancy’s threat-hunting technology. It detects attacks often missed by industry-standard cybersecurity solutions and reduces false positives making threat identifications faster.

A team of first responders based in Australia and Asia-Pacific will give support to resolving any network and systems breaches.

Foregenix was founded in 2009 as a digital forensics specialist and now covers 15 countries. The consultancy, which is an official Payment Card Industry forensics investigator, opened its Australian office in May 2017.

Dan Ball, APAC Territory Manager on Managed Detection and Response services: “Attacks in this day and age are more complex than ever and often undetected by traditional, signature-based detection methods. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services hunt for suspicious behaviour and indicators of compromise (IoC) to detect and contain even the latest, unknown threats.

“Foregenix is one of the few security vendors globally which develop its own detection and response technology and manage it as a service through its own Threat Intelligence Group. With a global team of first responders, including feet on the ground in Asia-Pacific, we’re proud to bring our Managed Detection and Response service to this region.”

Raymond Simpson, Foregenix MD for Asia-Pacific, believes the region will attract more cybercriminals over the next few years: “Australia and Asia Pacific hasn’t borne the brunt of cyber attacks yet and many companies are not prepared for the challenges ahead.

“The threat landscape is dramatically changing with greater use of credit cards and Fintech solutions in the region, which cyber criminals increasingly target.

“Our MDR service aims to protect businesses whatever the level of cyber security awareness is and prevent them becoming another cyber crime casualty.”



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