Make It In NSW: State Sets Sights on Film Heavyweights

Up to $10 million a year will be invested so NSW can continue its proud reputation as an amazing place to make blockbuster movies and TV series.

Minister for the Arts, Don Harwin said the money will be invested in Create NSW’s Made in NSW fund.

Made in NSW was announced in June 2016 and has been responsible for 12 large-scale international productions and 21 Australian television productions. Highlights include:

  • Peter Rabbit (now green-lit for a sequel).
  • Pacific Rim Uprising, Alien: Covenant.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming post production.
  • Successful Mandarin-language miniseries Chosen.

Mr Harwin said the Made in NSW fund is critical to bringing big productions to NSW.

“When we first announced this fund, we set out to show Hollywood what NSW was capable of. I’m delighted to say that message has been received loud and clear, and we’re now extending our reach into Asia Pacific,” said Mr Harwin.

“Our incredibly diverse locations, highly-skilled workforce and state-of-the-art facilities are a stand-out for production in Australia and we are extremely excited about the future of the industry in NSW.”

To date, the fund has brought in a spend of over $412m from producers, created nearly 11,000 jobs and delivered $20 for every dollar we have invested.

In addition to the recently announced Federal incentives, this investment will mean NSW remains top choice for filmmakers.



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