AV8 Media to Host Media Masterclasses in July

AV8 Media is pleased to host these Media Masterclasses in July.

12 – 13 July
Creative Producing : Film Financing in an Entrepreneurial Age by veteran film producer Paul Miller.

16 – 17 July
Sound Editing : Film sound editing masterclass by BAFTA winning sound editor, Eddy Joseph.

23 – 24 July
Directing : Film Directing Masterclass with Peter Webber, director of Girl With a Pearl Earring and Hannibal Rising.

Note that the above Masterclasses are supported by IMDA T-Assist Grant.

Effective from May, the T-Assist Grant has been extended to Media Practitioner working in Non-Media Industry and there are no cut off dates to apply for the grant as long as slots are still available.

Visit https://av8.com.sg


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