New For Riedel in Singapore

At BroadcastAsia2018, Riedel Communications will present its newest real-time signal distribution and networking solutions for broadcast and live performance. Riedel’s product line reflects the company’s continued support of standards and interoperability, ongoing development and expansion of software app-based solutions, and the concept of decentralised signal routing.

NEW: Bolero Standalone Application

Riedel will showcase its new Bolero Standalone Application, a license-enabled upgrade for the company’s category-defining Bolero wireless intercom system that delivers several performance enhancements along with standalone capabilities. With the Bolero Standalone Application, antennas are daisy-chained to each other in a line or a redundant ring via a low-latency, synchronised TDM network.

Bolero is truly plug-and-play, with no IP configuration needed. A new external power supply can power up to five antennas, so power and data redundancies are easily achieved. A new single-RU, half-width external interface box, with six analogue 4-wires and three GPIOs, can be directly connected to any antenna and then patched into an existing intercom system. The system is easily configured via a web GUI internal to the antennas. Other new capabilities provided by the Bolero update include individual rotary programming, Bluetooth headset support, and a new beltpack QuickMute feature that allows users to easily set the volume of all channels to zero.

NEW: SmartPanel 1200 Series

Also at BroadcastAsia2018, Riedel will display its new 1200 series SmartPanel (RSP-1232HL). The RSP-1232HL panel features multiple full-color multitouch displays, 32 innovative hybrid-lever keys, the ability to leverage apps for multifunctionality, and the ability to adapt easily to the various workflows in use today. As the latest of the company’s highly popular SmartPanel app-driven user interfaces, the RSP-1232HL is poised to allow users to work the way they always have while realising entirely new possibilities.

Each of the RSP-1232HL’s 32 lever keys features an integrated rotary encoder that provides control over parameters in the same location as the key. Users can choose custom colours for either the key labels or the LED rings that are positioned around each key. In addition, the RSP-1232HL supports AES67 audio through two fibre SFPs and two RJ45 connections that offer a variety of daisy-chaining and redundancy options and deliver extraordinary cabling flexibility.

MediorNet MultiViewer

Riedel Communications will showcase its MediorNet MultiViewer, which combines a powerful multiviewer software app with the MediorNet MicroN high-density media distribution network device. The MediorNet MultiViewer accepts up to 18 video signals, either locally or from any source on a MediorNet network, and enables operators to create custom multiview layouts for local use or redistribution back onto the MediorNet network. MediorNet MultiViewer includes powerful scaling, positioning, and graphics tools including multiple on-screen clock widgets that can be referenced to timecode or system time and up to 20 synchronised and controllable counters. All of these can be easily configured within a single view using drag-and-drop through Riedel or third-party software. MediorNet MultiViewer also maintains some of the signal I/O characteristics of standard MicroN devices including 4 x 4 HD video, two MADI optical digital audio ports, eight high-speed MediorNet 10G links, and two sync references.

“Every year we look forward to hosting BroadcastAsia attendees at our stand, whether for our Teatime Tech Talks, which are always standing room only, or for demonstrations of our latest innovations in real-time signal distribution and networking. This year we’re especially excited about the new standalone version of Bolero, which offers a perfect wireless intercom solution for rental houses, clients with smaller requirements, and clients who are already invested in other intercom solutions. Plus, our new 1200 series SmartPanel represents a quantum leap forward in workflow flexibility, power, and connectivity,” said Cameron O’Neill, Director, Riedel Asia-Pacific.



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