Broadpeak Streams Into BroadcastAsia

At BroadcastAsia2018, Broadpeak will demonstrate its multicast adaptive-bit-rate (ABR), Cloud PVR, and local video caching solutions, which the company says set the standard for superior QoE and efficient content delivery for services distributed across both managed and unmanaged networks.

At BroadcastAsia2018, the company will showcase its nanoCDN multicast ABR solution, which makes HTTP video delivery to any device truly scalable by turning millions of broadband gateways, cable modems, Wi-Fi routers, and STBs into active components of an operator’s content delivery infrastructure. Leveraging home networks, operators can cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live multiscreen services for millions of simultaneous viewers using only a few megabits per second from their networks. nanoCDN has been successfully deployed by leading operators worldwide for live television delivery to any screen.

Several new use cases for nanoCDN will be shown, including ultra-low latency for live video streaming and live HTTP TV service delivery via satellite. Broadpeak will also demonstrate innovative new features for nanoCDN, such as quick start, which prevents the buffering at the beginning of a live content stream to ensure the highest quality of experience (QoE) for end users.

Deliver Petabytes of TV Recordings and Playback on Every Screen With Cloud PVR 

Used by some of the largest pay-TV operators globally, Cloud PVR from Broadpeak provides operators with a simple, scalable, and flexible solution for delivering time-shifted TV services. Cloud PVR allows subscribers to launch multiple recordings on various channels simultaneously without any constraint on the available bandwidth or the number of tuners on the reception device. With Broadpeak’s solution, service providers can deliver start-over and catch-up TV, as well as impulsive recording, using either a shared-copy or a private-copy model. The recorded content can be processed on the fly to be viewed on any device type.

Reduce CDN Costs and Guarantee QoE With Innovative Local Video Caching Technology

At BroadcastAsia2018, Broadpeak will demonstrate BroadCache Box, a local video caching solution for broadcasters and content aggregators. Using BroadCache Box, content providers can dramatically reduce CDN costs while boosting subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE).

With BroadCache Box, local caches are deployed into telecom or cable operators’ networks, and the most popular content from a specific content provider is stored. Since the content is streamed from a location closer to end users, latency and network congestion are reduced, resulting in higher video bit rates, faster start times, and uninterrupted viewing sessions. As the most popular content can represent more than 80 percent of the video traffic, caching at the ISP level significantly lowers CDN service costs. Additionally, BroadCache Boxes do not generate any transit costs. The solution can be used for both live and on-demand content and supports secured HTTP connections.

Broadpeak will also showcase its solutions for virtual CDN, CDN selection, and ad insertion, as well as video delivery analytics.



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