Raising Films Launches National Survey to Assist Parents and Carers

WIFT NSW has announced that a national survey to explore the experiences and needs of parents and carers working in the Australian screen industry has been launched through Raising Films Australia. The survey will draw data to inform strategies and policy changes to create more family friendly workplaces and support workers in the industry to better fulfil their work and caring commitments.

From the edit suite to the studio floor and of course in front of the camera, the screen industry has nuances like no other. The survey wants to hear from anyone working (or has previously worked) in the screen industry; from studio staff, production companies, decision makers and cast & crew to get a realistic view of what issues are affecting parents and carers, what’s working and what’s not. Respondents can be of any gender and do not need to be a parent or carer to participate.

With many aspects of industry working conditions such as ad-hoc and long hours, remote locations and unpredictable income at odds with regular family life, the survey is a call out to industry to use the data to look for solutions to ensure a sustainable, equitable and more considerate industry for working parents and carers.

This survey is based on a 2016 survey released by UK sister organisation Raising Films and was developed for Australia through a collaboration between University of Technology, Sydney and Women in Film and Television (WIFT) NSW with funding support from Create NSW.

An additional section is also included in the survey that will focus broadly on women in the screen industry. This section contains questions replicated from the Women In Australian Film, Television, Video and Radio Industries surveys commissioned by the Australian Film Commission in 1987 and 1992. This will provide valuable longitudinal statistics to help track the working conditions for women in the Australian screen industry over the past 31 years.

The survey remains open until Monday 18 June. Click here to complete the survey.

Visit https://www.raisingfilms.com and https://www.wiftnsw.org.au


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