Hong Kong Cable TV Adds Toddler Channel

Hong Kong Cable TV’s kids pack has added the ducktv channel which shows various series for toddlers.

The Channel’s programs are also shown in China, Indonesia and, soon, Vietnam. The newly-launched ducktv (Ch 520) is a TV channel for children between 6 and 36 months of age, providing uninterrupted non-violent content for young viewers. Under the advice of child psychologists, the programmes of ducktv help little children enhance their skills and knowledge, and explore the world.

Mr. Pavol Miller, the Director of ducktv said, “We are excited to work closely with the premier pay television service, Hong Kong Cable TV in bringing the channel and soon VOD programs to the viewers in Hong Kong.“ 

ducktv is a children’s television channel, which was launched in October 2007 as bebetv on UPC and was available in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic. In January 2011 it was rebranded as ducktv. ducktv is available in 150 countries and more than 10 million households around the world.

Visit www.cabletv.com.hk and https://www.ducktv.tv 


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