Aussie Winery Doco Wins Award at New York Film Festival

‘WineLine 2 – Odyssey’, has won Bronze at the prestigious New York Television and Film Awards.

The film chronicles the rich history of the Hamilton family, who have been making wine in the vineyards of South Australia since the 1800’s.

Dr. Richard Hamilton said of the film “the development of the film has grown from the Hamilton family’s unique history in Australian winemaking and my intense desire to tell the story.”

“My family were the pioneer winemakers in the colony of South Australia back in the early 1830s, decades before Australia had even become a Federated nation,” Dr. Hamilton added.

“The film covers the Hamilton family’s journey and remarkable determination to create wine for enjoyment in what would have been, at times, incredibly challenging and confronting circumstances.

“The Hamilton story also inherently highlights Australia’s journey as a nation growing, developing and evolving both socially and technologically.”

The Judges for the New York Awards said “with entries in from over 40 countries, this year’s New York Festivals World’s Best TV and Films presented a strong competition, so once again, congratulations”.

WineLine 2 – Odyssey tells the story of Dr. Hamilton’s father, Burton Hamilton. Dr. Richard Hamilton created the film as a personal project, as a way to tell the stories closest to him, and truthfully express his feelings about them.

“The film is really delivered through my eyes following Burton’s footsteps as a young man born in a vineyard, through to adulthood including his travels, work experiences, challenges and finally life as a vigneron and winemaker in Australia; and much more,” Dr. Hamilton said.

“Making the film was quite an empowering and spiritual experience for me and helped me to understand just how hard my father’s life must have been.  I now feel that I know and understand him much better than I did as a young man.”

WineLine 2 – Odyssey, follows hot on the heels of Leconfield’s first film, WineLine – The Hamilton Story, which also achieved immense success.

Winner of the Trophy for The Best International Film at the 22nd Festival Oenovidéo in France 2016, winner of the Bronze Medal for Australian cinematography in 2014, and finalist in the 2015 New York Television and Film Awards, WineLine – The Hamilton Story chronicles the establishment of Leconfield Wines and the lives of the early Hamiltons.

Leconfield encompasses two of South Australia’s leading wine labels, both owned by the Hamilton family: Leconfield Wines at Coonawarra and Richard Hamilton Wines at McLaren Vale, located in two of the best winemaking districts in Australia.

“I am extremely proud of our unique and strong wine industry heritage which dates back to 1837.  Our family has developed a distinguished international reputation for elegant and tasty wines and has also in the process with innovation, experimentation, and perseverance, helped to establish Australia as one of the world’s leading winemaking countries,” Dr. Hamilton said.

Leconfield Wine brand is based on a simple philosophy: ‘Great wines are crafted from great vineyards’.

It is this simple philosophy that has led to generations of success and several award-winning documentaries.



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