Speedcast Expands Capacity on AsiaSat 9 to Serve APAC

Asia’s leading satellite operator announced an expansion and renewal agreement with Speedcast International Limited to utilise multiple C- and Ku-band transponders on the brand new AsiaSat 9. This upgrade will enhance high quality managed network services for Speedcast’s global customers in the Mobility, Maritime, Energy, Enterprise and Government sectors, and for cellular backhaul solutions to emerging markets.

With AsiaSat 9 in service at 122°E since year-end 2017, Speedcast has been seeing benefit from the superior power and efficiency of the high performance beams. This new agreement facilitates Speedcast’s flexible access to AsiaSat 9’s enhanced C-band and Ku-band beams serving East Asia, Indonesia and Myanmar, which allows the company to expand and upgrade the communications networks based on customer requirements.

AsiaSat has been a long-term partner of Speedcast in the Asia-Pacific region since 1999. Together, they provide high demand, wide-range, robust and reliable communications solutions for mission critical networks – from voice, video and broadband data, to safety and cybersecurity, as well as cellular backhaul solutions to telcos and critical connectivity solutions for remote regions and in emergency situations.

Barrie Woolston, Chief Commercial Officer of AsiaSat said, “We greatly value our unique relationship with Speedcast and the fantastic history working together to deliver high quality, flexible and reliable networking and communication solutions to their customers. Amid this dynamic market and evolving customer requirement, we are grateful to continue to support Speedcast’s expansion and success in the Asia Pacific.”

“AsiaSat has been an important partner for Speedcast in the Asia-Pacific region for many years and we are eager to further strengthen the relationship with the upgrade on AsiaSat 9,” said Moti Shulman, Senior Vice President of Capacity Management and Network Planning, Speedcast. “Our growing customer needs in this region warrant enhanced capacity that performs reliably and efficiently, and our partnership with AsiaSat is an invaluable asset that allows us to deliver on our promise of the best possible managed connectivity services for our customers’ critical operations.”

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