Industry Welcomes New Draft Regulations on NBN Migration

The telecommunications industry welcomed the release today by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) of new regulatory instruments relating to consumer information and protections during the migration to the NBN.

Communications Alliance Director Program Management, Christiane Gillespie-Jones, said its industry members would digest the detail of the draft Standards and provide feedback to the ACMA on the practicalities and cost implications of implementing the new rules.

Industry members have already expressed concern about the level of prescription within the draft Standards and Determination, including the flow-on costs for consumers.

Ms Gillespie-Jones said that the prescriptive advertising provisions in the draft Consumer Information Standard were challenging, and Industry would be consulting with the ACMA and ACCC on how the new rules would relate to the ACCC’s Industry Guidance on Broadband Speed Claims.

Industry also raised concerns about the practicality of connecting consumers to legacy services, and is considering if this constitutes the most efficient method to provide consumers with ongoing internet access during migration.

“Also, the requirement to respond to consumers’ speed concerns within one working day will add to costs. Providers support testing speeds in response to a consumer request, but the strict timeline proposed in the draft Determination is likely to require additional staff and lead to higher costs for consumers,” said Ms Gillespie-Jones.

Ms Gillespie-Jones emphasised that industry fully supported the ACMA’s efforts to improve the migration experience and provide consumers with appropriate information on their NBN services.



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