Agreement Struck For Animation Performers

Screen Producers Australia and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance have reached agreement on a new agreement covering the usage of Australian performers’ voices in television and online animation programs.

The 2018 TV Animation Voice Over MOU updates arrangements for animation that have been governed by the Actors Repeats and Residuals Agreement (ATRRA) since 2000. The new agreement allows producers to acquire rights for the number of screenings that are required by broadcasters, and more flexible online and Video On Demand (VOD) rights, and to better compete with foreign programs. The performers will receive significant additional compensation in return.

“I want to congratulate both the MEAA and the SPA negotiators for their perseverance, good faith, and vision to achieve this agreement,” Screen Producers Australia CEO, Matthew Deaner said. “At SPA we have been very conscious that if we are to preserve future opportunities for production and employment in the digital age, we need to reform the industrial and commercial frameworks so that they adapt to the demands of new technology, changes in audience behaviour, and international competitors.”

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance CEO Paul Murphy said, “This is an outstanding new agreement that rewards Australian voice actors for skill, not just time spent in the studio. Voice actors will now be paid by episode and character rather than a day-rate, character loadings will apply for additional characters and there is maximum six-hour day with hourly voice breaks. Thank you to all involved in the intensive negotiations that have occurred over the last 12 months. The outcome we have achieved is a major win for Australia’s TV animation industry.”



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