Mediaworks Launching New Channel – Threelife

Launching on April 15th, ThreeLife is a new channel in the MediaWorks family that will take viewers to a lighter place with hit international shows including Married At First Sight USA, Restaurant Revolution and Bondi Vet.

Each night on ThreeLife will be themed, making it easy for Kiwis to tune in to the evenings that feature shows they love. From all things food on Monday, to D.I.Y Thursday, and romance reality on Friday, the channel is designed for its audience to escape the daily grind and embrace your not-so-guilty pleasures with ThreeLife.

MediaWorks’ Chief Content Officer, Andrew Szusterman, said ThreeLife is the perfect extension for the Three brand.

“ThreeLife is where Kiwis will come to view programmes that focus on their favourite pastimes. It’s a great opportunity for audiences to binge-watch television that they love, and for advertisers to meet Kiwis in their happy place.”

Glen Kyne, MediaWorks’ Chief Commercial Officer believes ThreeLife will provide greater performance and optionality for our advertisers.

“MediaWorks is the 25-54 year-old audience company, and ThreeLife caters to a broad cross-section of preferred content for those viewers,” said Glen.

“We understand the genres, formats and programmes that this key audience loves, and we can leverage these insights across the MediaWorks portfolio of assets.”

ThreeLife will be available from April 15th on Freeview channel 11. Sky and Vodafone channels will be announced in due course. The Edge is moving up the dial to Freeview channel 14.



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