Jumbla Produces “Best Ever” Animated TVC for Suzuki Australia

Melbourne animation and motion graphics studio Jumbla has bolstered its industry standing after producing Suzuki Australia’s ‘best ever’ television commercial (TVC).

Working in partnership with creative advertising agency The Sanford Partnership, Jumbla brought the brief to life with a stunning 3D animation depicting the Suzuki Swift Sport Hatch emerging from piping hot metal.

Watch the TVC here.

Suzuki Australia General Manager – Automobiles, Michael Pachota, said the car giant was delighted with the result.

“The first reaction everyone was blown away. We’ve never done something like this before,” Mr Pachota said.

“The feedback from our dealer network and audiences alike has been that its probably the best television commercial that we’ve ever produced for Suzuki Australia.”

The challenge, according to Jumbla Creative Director Oz Smith, was getting the TVC’s lava to flow in a visually-appealing way.

“Real molten metal is quite watery and runny, but we wanted something with sentience. We settled on a thicker, honey-like consistency, which is more believable and controlled,” he said.

“We tried to create something that not only looked interesting, but also formed the car quickly in a lifelike, visually-satisfying way.

“The team used Real Flow to create the bulk of the molten metal shots, which involved a lot of experimentation with different viscosity of the liquid.”

Mr Pachota said that animation was the only way a TVC like this could be developed.

“We were fortunate enough to have technology like this at our fingertips. Jumbla and the The Sanford Partnership helped us create exactly what we wanted to see by using CGI,” he said. “I think it was amazing.”

The TVC, which was broadcast across Australian domestic television networks, remains as the hero video on the Suzuki Australia web page.

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